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Radiomxt ( is a web radio created and managed by the young people of the project Spazio Giovani Martesana. It is being realized with the passion to make and to listen to music and the will to talk to the world, to give the news and make transmissions, to listen to the others and to meet new people. Thus, made with the vital energy and the passion of the ones that is 20 or less, certainly with the support of the operators of the Spazio Giovani Martesana.

Spazio Giovani Martesana is a network of operators/ practitioners, projects, services for the youth among the communities of the eastern province of Milano.

Contact information

Contact address: Via Bertarini 39
Post code: 20061 Town: Milan Country: Italy
Telephone: +39 0292151900 Fax number: +39 0292151900
Website: E-mail:


CREMIT – Research Centre on Media, Information and Technology Education – was born in November 2006 after the invitation offered by the Regional School Office (in Lombardia) to become a reference for the integration of media and technologies at school.

The main purpose of the Centre is to promote scientific research, to develop and study models, methodologies and tools in the field of Media Education and Technology Literacy, especially within the school system in Lombardia, creating a new growing occasion open to young researchers.

The main activities developed by Cremit can be summed up in five nodes:

School Support concerning research, training and educational actions in the media field.

The collaboration built with schools includes:

o stage activities and workshops for high school students (last two school years),

o action-research at school,

o teacher training on media use and on the most actual media aspects.

Research Activities in the field of Media Education and Information Literacy (educational research on media and new technologies) through European projects and international collaborations.

Development and analysis of products and didactical tools (kits, guidelines etc.).

Implementation of educational projects in the field of Media Education in school and extra-school contexts, through projects and initiatives referred to the OMERO Programme (Online Media Education Resources for Organizations – aimed to promote Media Education in action. The working idea refers to the possibility to share resources, experiences and studies developed in this field, creating an exchange and dialogue environment focused on the relationship between media, communication and education.

Seminars, meetings and conferences dedicated to media and technology education.

Contact information

Contact address: c/o Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Largo Gemelli, 1
Post code: 20123 Town: Milano Country: Italy
Telephone: +39 02 72343038 Fax number: +39 02 72343040
Website: E-mail:

Association of social volunteers “ODIN/VITA”

The objectives of the Association of social volunteers “ODIN/VITA”are:

  • to promote social activity of the individuals;
  • to format of civil society consciousness;
  • popularizing the democratic principles and development in Latgale region;
  • supporting voluntary work for the integration in society, reducing social exclusion.

Its main activities are: seminars, educational courses for the volunteers / disabled/ elderly/ children, social planning, support of regional public social organizations, NGO’s, consultations, research etc.

The work of our association focuses on any person, who wants to use the opportunities and to move forward irrespective of age, education and social status. AN OPPORTUNITY to help people in need: lonely elderly, children and disabled.

Contact information

Contact address: Liepajas 4
Post code: LV5417 Town: Daugavpils Country: Latvia
Telephone: + 371 6896280 Fax number: + 371 654 21354
Website: E-mail:

Grupo Comunicar

The group develops training activities, publishes didactic materials, organizes congresses and the group also publish the magazine Comunicar, which is a Latin American scientific magazine about Education and Communication.

The main objectives are:

  • To invigorate the critical, creative and plural use didactic of mass media in the classroom.
  • To train to the teaching staff and experts in Media Education.
  • To organize congresses, forums and expert meetings of Media and Education
  • To publish texts and the magazine Comunicar
  • To investigate on Media Education.

The target group involves: journalists, experts in communications, teachers, and professionals interested in communication. International experts in Communication, Educación and Media.

Contact information

Contact address: c/ Marina 8 ático B
Post code: 21001 Town: Huelva Country: Spain
Telephone: 959260757 Fax number:
Website: E-mail:

Youth Information Center – ALJARAQUE COUNCIL

The main objective of the youth Information center is to promote the participation, the integration and the youth initiative between the youngest of the municipality of Aljaraque doing special incidence between the most underprivileged sectors of Aljaraque.

The main activities that we developed are the Local Plan of the Youth that includes an ample variety of performance programs: program of information and direction in subjects of interest for the youth people, program of sociocultural animation, program of youth formation, program of environmental education, program of promotion of the associations, youth infrastructure program and equipment and the program of youth mobility that includes the program youth in action. This center is put local of Eurodesk in Spain.

The direct addressees of the youth policies that are developed from the youth information centre are youth in general of ages between the 14 – 30 years. The performance plan includes the work with underprivileged youth people whose profiles are: temporary, young students and workers with low resources economic and a high index of scholastic failure, pertaining to desestructuradas families and drug users. Young immigrants also present in our plan of work.

Contact Information

Contact address: C/ Nueva, 4
Post code: 21.110 Town: Aljaraque Country: Huelva (Spain)
Telephone: +34 959 31 87 82 Fax number: +34 959 31 68 98
Website: E-mail:

European Youth4Media Network e.V.

European Youth4Media e.V. is giving young people a voice through digital media. It is a European association of 30 organisations from 21 countries working in the field of community media and civil society.

Youth4Media has a wide range of activities on local as well as on the European level. The sphere of activity includes:

Political, intercultural and media education

The new informational technologies offer attractive means of communication which can be effectively used in the process of intercultural learning and political education. Media is a perfect tool to be implied in this process. Extensive usage of modern dissemination tools allow to reach a wide public in Europe.

Intercultural dialogue projects

Local and European events are broadcasted by the NGOTV team all over Europe (, NGOTV is independent from the state and disseminates products created by young people from the network. It features information about new member states, EU-related films, films concerning issues of antidiscrimination, tolerance and understanding in Europe. Programs available at NGOTV promote democratic values, intercultural understanding, raise awareness among the EU citizens and especially young people of the importance of intercultural dialogue in their daily life.

Training and exchange of experts of the Youth 4 Media work

Innovative media-pedagogical concepts of political education are put into practice during regular trainings and seminars. These seminars offer new professional and mediation competences to multipliers and volunteers for their daily work. The participants learn how to develop and present political and intercultural themes to young people in their communities.

The network supports mobility of young people by organizing international youth media camps. Guided by trained multipliers, youngsters learn how to produce TV-reports, create short films, compose music, and run live TV broadcasts. Hands-on media work is a possibility for young people to express themselves in a creative way, to reflect the reality and to articulate their own interests.

Contact information

Contact address:

Bennostr. 5

48155 Münster, Germany

Telephone: +49 251 609673

Fax number: +49 251 6096777



National Association of Student and Youth Journalists (DUE)

The National Association of Student and Youth Journalists (DUE) has been educating young print and radio journalists – opinion shaper communication experts of the future – for 19 years. DUE is an organisation of major public benefit.

DUE, with its numerous activities is a catalyst for the youth editorials in the country. Our projects include events, tenders, educational courses and professional camps. The association mainly aims at helping the work of the youth paper and radio journalists, but it plays a major role in developing community media, as well as enhancing the public sphere and promoting democratic values. The main activity of DUE is informing via its communicational devices: DUE Tallózó, DUE News, National School Radio Network, DUE Online, and the events. In these channels DUE uses the language of youth, thereby making the products easy to understand and accept by young people.

DUE is a founding member of the European Youth Press (EYP), and is in contact with European youth organisations accross the continent, from Georgia to Portugal. Some examples include Polis (Polish Youth Press), Jugendpresse Deutschland (Germany), Jeune Presse (France), Asociación de Prensa Juvenil (Spain), YNPress (Russia), and so on. The association actively participates in international projects, for example the first European Youth Media Days in Brussels, or organising and hosting the News in Motion conference and the General Assembly of EYP in Budapest. DUE is currently one of the strongest and most active member in the network of European youth media associations.

Contact information

Contact address: Örs vezér tere 11
Post code: H-1148 Town: Budapest Country: Hungary
Telephone: +36 1222-8213 Fax number: +36 1 222-8213
Website: E-mail: